have u stayed in your lane today?


Or lately?
At all?

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Anonymous: All i want is the crazy in love remake it is everything. She kills everything!!! Even a remake of her own DAMN SONG! How do you outdo your self? Bow down to the one and only Queen B!


Let them know! I can’t wait until the full version of the song is released.



" you should come to Florida "




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"Malcolm [X] was one of the most beautiful and one of the most gentle men I met in all my life. He asked the boy a question which I now present to you: If you are a citizen, why do you have to fight for your civil rights? If you’re fighting for your civil rights, that means you’re not a citizen. In fact, the legality of this country has never had anything to do with its former slaves. We are still governed by the slave codes."

James Baldwin on Malcolm X, 1979. (via disciplesofmalcolm)

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